• Personal Injury Attorneys Represent Clients in Claims Against Large Retailers

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    May 6, 2020 /  Legal

    Accident lawyers, also known as personal injury attorneys, handle many types of cases. Most of these cases involve vehicle accidents but a large percentage are connected with falling incidents. The person may have tripped or slipped at a commercial establishment and suffered a relatively serious injury. Skilled legal representation is important when a large corporation’s insurer disputes the claim. An individual typically cannot resolve this without professional help.

    The injured person and the lawyer must be able to prove that the store was negligent and that the negligence caused the injury. The injured person is the plaintiff in this situation if the case proceeds to a lawsuit.

    Clear Examples of Negligence

    Sometimes negligence seems relatively obvious. For example, store management might have ignored an icy sidewalk or parking lot instead of treating it with ice-melting substances. Another example would be a large puddle of liquid on a store floor that store employees had noticed but not cleaned up. Display signs or heavy objects like lumber falling from overhead shelves also can cause serious injuries.

    More Questionable Situations

    In other cases, the insurer disputes the claim because adjusters believe the store is not technically responsible. For instance, two young children running around aisles in a store might collide with an elderly individual and cause a fall. Is the parent responsible or should the store employees have put a stop to this behavior?

    Insurance Company Tactics

    The insurance adjusters may use tactics such as finding surveillance footage that shows the person before and during the incident. They may find something in the video that appears to support their case. For example, they may speculate that the person was not paying sufficient attention to the surroundings before slipping and falling.

    Head trauma, bone fractures, deep wounds and internal injuries all qualify as serious injuries that can be expensive to treat. An individual trying to take on an insurance company representing a large corporation is going to fight an uphill, very difficult battle. When adjusters are attempting to deny the claim, it’s imperative to find injury attorneys who can prove the case and convince the insurer to pay a reasonable and fair settlement.

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