• When Speeding Becomes a Criminal Offense in Utah

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    June 24, 2020 /  Legal

    In most cases, getting caught traveling faster than the speed limit results in a warning or a citation with a monetary penalty. Sometimes, however, speeding is actually a criminal offense in Utah. Depending on the circumstances, the driver may need to hire criminal defense Attorney Aric Cramer to prevent the worst possible consequences. Even a misdemeanor conviction could result in jail time.

    Dangerous Behavior

    Speeding is considered hazardous behavior, but some forms of speeding have the potential to be particularly dangerous. An example is a driver who speeds up in the effort to beat a fast-moving train approaching the road. Trains colliding with passenger vehicles can result in serious injuries and even fatalities.

    Sometimes the actual speed results in a misdemeanor charge. For example, traveling faster than 100 miles per hour on a multi-lane or two-lane road could be considered reckless driving. Traveling above the speed limit in a school zone also is potentially dangerous behavior. This behavior could lead to criminal charges if the driver was traveling more than twice the posted limit.

    Any type of racing between drivers on Utah’s roads can lead to criminal charges at a Class B misdemeanor level. This is a relatively serious misdemeanor charge because a judge can sentence the offender to six months in jail. The person may qualify for work release during regular work hours, but the 60-day driver’s license suspension may make it difficult or impossible to get there. Six months in a detention center can have other very negative effects, such as the possibility of losing child custody.

    Speeding and Felony Charges

    Fleeing the police in a high-speed chase is yet another dangerous activity. Failure to stop for police is a felony in Utah. Other possible charges to be filed might include reckless endangerment and obstruction of justice.

    Speeding While Intoxicated

    If the driver has been drinking to the point of having illegal blood alcohol content, the situation is even direr. Now the person is facing two types of criminal charges, which judges will assuredly find even more troubling. Having professional legal defense becomes imperative if the individual hopes to avoid incarceration.

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